April 20, 2021


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Apple, Google rework tracing tech; How many people are on Zoom? – Video

This is CNET and here the stories that mattered this week.
Reviews of Google’s latest pixel buds are in there good.
Our own reviewer loves the overall sound and call quality in addition to an excellent charging case.
Battery life is just about average.
And of course, not all of the pixel buds two features work.
Check out the full review at CNet.
Apple and google are tweaking the collaborative Covid Tracing software that you giants are working on to better address privacy concerns.
The technology will be opt in meaning it won’t be turned on by the default.
Apple and Google said they changed the contact tracing program to use better encryption, Scrambling any identifying information to ensure people can’t be tracked.
The companies are also protecting any potentially identifiable information about a person’s phone, such as which model they’re using, or the signal strength of their transmissions.
And finally, last week, zoom announced that its video conferencing app had 300 million daily users Well, that was not exactly accurate.
The company made a correction and said quote, it had 300 million daily meeting participants.
This metric counts people for every zoom meeting they attend and a day.
Zoom said its original statement was a genuine oversight.
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