March 2, 2024

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Apple event Oct. 13, Facebook’s election prep – Video

This is CNET and here are the stories that mattered this week.
Apple has confirmed the date for its next product launch, sending out invites for an online event on October 13.
It’s expected to show off three new iPhones with the invite featuring the phrase Hi, Speed, a possible nod to a 5g device Analysts are also expecting upgrades like better cameras, faster chips and of course Apple’s newest software iOS 14.
The event kicks off at 10am pacific time on Tuesday, Sony released an official teardown of the PlayStation five.
In the video a PlayStation engineer walked viewers through each part of the next gen console.
Talks about each components function.
According to the engineer the PlayStation fives massive size combined with a large heatsink and fan will keep the system cool and quiet.
The PlayStation five officially launches on November 12.
And finally Facebook put up a blog post entitled prepping for election day.
In it the company said it will take down content that seeks to intimidate voters, including posts that encourage people to engage in unauthorised poll watching.
The company will also direct users to accurate election results through notifications and labels after the polls close in November.
Facebook will also temporarily stop running ads in the US about the election social issues and politics until after the polls close.
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