July 15, 2024

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Apple and Google team up to take on pandemic, LG teases new phone – Video

This is Cnet and here are the stories that matter right now.
Apple and Google and working together to build coronavirus tracking tech into iOS and Android.
The new technology relies on Bluetooth to help phones communicate with one another.
Ultimately it would warn users about people they’ve come in contact with who are infected with the Coronavirus, Apple and Google plan to initially release these tools in May so apps from public health authorities can use the contact tracing technology.
LG is trying to get some attention on its phones again.
The company announced an upcoming device called the LG velvet which will feature a raindrop camera array on the back The Raindrop camera set up was shown in new concept drawings by LG.
It moves away from the trend of large camera bumps on the back as seem on other devices.
LG says the velvet name is part of a new branding strategy of going with expressive names and not alpha numerical ones
AT&Ts newest streaming service HBO Max is still set for launch in May, however it will be missing a big draw.
In a statement, HBO Max said the friends reunion special is being delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Originally the special was to be reported in late March and to be ready on day one of the new service.
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