August 1, 2021


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Ambush apologises for touching Ray BLK ‘inappropriately’

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Ambush has apologised for being “inappropriate and invasive” towards Ray BLK at a YouTube event earlier this year.

The rapper says he “brushed her with his finger” and that he didn’t mean to make her feel “violated”.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Ray BLK had accused him of “aggressively grabbing and shaking” her breast.

Ambush denies acting aggressively or grabbing her body, but says he understands her “frustration”.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Ray BLK posted a statement on Twitter detailing her encounter with Ambush at an event in February.

She said the event was “ruined” when he “grabbed” her breast as he greeted and complimented her.

Ray BLK then tweeted a recording of a conversation she and Ambush had on Instagram, using voice notes, the day after the event, where she asks him for an apology.

In the voice note from the day after, Ambush said: “I apologise. You know me, I’m flirty. Your breast was out, I didn’t mean it.”

After she accepted his apology, he went on to say: “You shouldn’t stick it on me like that, I’m not some perv.”

‘Continue to learn’

In a post on Instagram on Monday evening, Ambush said: “Listening back to those voice notes now I sound stupid.

“As guys we do things without realising we’re violating, we need to become more aware of the female experience.”

He denied being aggressive or grabbing her body, and says he was being “playful” and “complimenting her”, but had upset her more than he had realised.

Although he was “shocked at how everything unfolded”, he said he has found the situation “humbling”.

“I’m definitely still learning and growing.

“My intentions were never to make her feel violated.

“All I can do is continue to learn.”

He gave a direct apology to Ray BLK, saying: “I was inappropriate and invasive with my actions and for that I apologise.”

‘Victim shamed’

On Sunday, when Ray BLK publicly posted about the encounter, she said she hadn’t spoken out sooner because she was worried it would damage her reputation.

“I’ve been scared, worried and conscious of how this may taint me or my music in the future particularly if I choose to make sexy music or appear in sexy fashion.

“But I won’t be victim shamed.”

She said a friend of hers had told her she should be “protecting a black man not damaging his career”, and that speaking out would stop other male artists from associating with her.

“This sort of silencing of people is what allows people to continue years of abuse because they have some sort of power.

“My image / career / being liked or supported by male artists doesn’t mean anything to me whatsoever if it means that such a predator is allowed to continue doing things like this.”

After posting that she was sad about “backlash” received from speaking about a “confirmed & admitted & unwanted assault”, Ray BLK said on Monday she is taking a break from social media.

She hasn’t commented on Ambush’s public apology.

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