March 2, 2024

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Amazon’s newest Echo can follow you – Video

Amazon smart speakers have a whole new look and they can look at you.
The company announced several new echo devices coming out this year and there are some pretty big changes coming.
The new smart speakers are shaped like spheres so goodbye cylinders and hockey pucks, The fourth generation echo and Echo Dot and Echo Dot with clock, put Alexa inside the ball.
There’s even a dot kids edition with cute animal faces.
And speaking of going round this year’s new echo show, the one with the screen.
Yeah it also goes around and around.
It swivels to follow you around wherever you walk.
I wanna dive into this one first because it’s gonna really change how people view a smart assistant when it can move.
The echo show 10 has a 10 inch HD screen that will turn to face you when you’re interacting with Alexa.
It is looking for humans in the room.
Amazon says it’s not using specific face recognition but the computer is looking for the general shape of a human.
And it also uses audio for location tracking to keep the screen facing you.
So yes, there is a camera here and the reason you may want a little computer puppy dog following your every move is to have the camera follow you in a video chat.
So if you’re chatting in the kitchen while you cook the camera can adjust to keep you in the frame.
That’s also handy tech with wiggly kids who can’t sit still for grandma.
Amazon says all this data about where you were moving around is processed locally so that information is not leaving the device and motion can be turned off in settings or by closing the camera shutter or by saying Alexa, turn off motion.
The echo show Chen has a brushless motor that is said to be very quiet as it rotates while you watch news or TV shows.
And that also includes Netflix for this model.
And this little Alexa robot also acts as a guard dog periodically panning the room to send an alert if it detects someone honors can pull up the feet have the camera and pan and zoom to look around if they’re not home.
This may remind you of Facebook’s portal, which is also a video chat device that keeps the focus on you when you move around the room.
And I can’t help but think how many people may be more open to a camera that moves in the house because of how much we’re all video chatting with each other to stay distance and safe.
The 13 megapixel camera is compatible with zoom video calls and Skype, as well as Alexa group calling and Amazon chime conferencing.
This new echo show costs $250.
It comes in charcoal and white, and it’s going to ship in time for the holidays.
And about those other echo speakers, they don’t move but they will roll out, yeah, for the holidays.
The fourth generation echo is $100.
it lands October 22 in three colors charcoal, white and Twilight blue.
This is the top speaker model if you want good audio it’s got a three inch woofer and dual firing tweeters and Dolby processing.
It said to automatically since the acoustics of your space to fine tune
Audio playback and adapt your room.
But for the first time, this is a speaker that’s also a smart home hub.
And Alexa should be faster and more natural, because the speaker is using Amazon’s first AZ one neural edge processor.
That way you can process speech recognition requests faster to make Alexa more responsive.
There’s also this new echo dot for $50 and echo dot with clock for $60.
These have the same design and fabric look as the echo, but inside it’s got a smaller speaker.
And the echo dot kids edition, it’s also $60.
It comes in panda and tiger prints.
Parents can create Alexa voice profiles for kids so that way, Alexa can shift into kid mode when it recognizes a kid’s voice devices.
We’ll be shipping later this year.
Along with these new smart speakers and hubs, Amazon did announce several other products that can monitor your home and car in different ways with cameras But the most wild to note is the ring always home cam that is a flying drone for inside your house.
The security system flies around to monitor things.
And you can watch it all with a live feed of the camera.
It’s like a Roomba on a set path flying around and then docking at a station
So between that and the new echo show 10 Amazon’s got eyes for your home.
Question is, how curious are you to try it?
Sound off in the comments and be sure to check out our other CNET videos to learn more about all the wild stuff Amazon has been cooking up for the Smart Home.

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