February 23, 2024

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Amazon Luna: Pros and cons of new cloud gaming service


You can use Luna on a number of different devices

Amazon has just revealed a new gaming service called Luna – but what’s it all about?

Luna is a cloud gaming service, which means you can play games on different devices like PC, TV and mobile phones without needing to buy a gaming console.

Amazon’s new offering is pretty similar to Google Stadia – another cloud-gaming service which was launched earlier this year – but with a few differences.

More than 100 games will be available to play on the service from launch, such as Two Point Hospital, Sonic Mania and Yooka-Laylee, and they’ve said that more are on their way.

So far there is no official release date or cost for the service in the UK, and the service is currently only available to try via an early access invitation for gamers in the US right now.

Check out our guide to the pros and cons of the Luna from what we know about it so far…

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