December 2, 2023

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Amazon introduces palm paying, Apple/Epic battle set for July 2021 trial – Video

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Starting Tuesday, Amazon will let people use its latest biometric tech, dubbed Amazon one to enter to Amazon go locations in Seattle.
People can sign up for an Amazon one at one of the company’s Amazon ghost stores.
Amazon said the process which involves hovering your hand Over an Amazon one device takes less than a minute and it will associate a person’s credit card but they’re Pomson.
Tick Tock said Tuesday it’s rolling out a guide within the short form video app that will show users trustworthy information about the upcoming US elections.
other social networks including Facebook and Twitter also created online hubs for election content.
To direct people to authoritative sources.
Finally, Apple and Epic met in a virtual court hearing on Monday to debate whether fortnight should be allowed to remain in Apple’s App Store, while the two fight an even bigger battle over whether Apple is violating federal antitrust law.
Judge Rogers of California didn’t issue an update to a previous ruling, which upheld Apple’s ban on fortnight while the antitrust case is ongoing.
Roger said it’s likely the case, which is described as the frontier of antitrust law could be heard in July 2021.
She recommended a trial by jury In order that the final judgment reached be more likely to stand up to appeal, she said it’s up to Apple or epic to request this.
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