May 26, 2022


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8 Web Design Trends in San Antonio, TX this 2022

Six web design trends creatives need to prepare for in 2022 | Creative Boom

Website design has been a pivotal part of creating your brand and increasing engagement and traffic into your website, so it has been something business owners have been putting in a lot of their efforts into. But web design trends in San Antonio, TX have always been something that constantly evolves and it could be a hard time keeping up with them, especially if you know nothing about designing websites. Here are 8 web design trends in San Antonio, Tx this 2022.

  1. Noe-brutalism

Coming from the roots of brutalism which was an architectural moment that was made in the 50s to the 70s, Neo-Brutalism brings this new traction by adding more default computer fonts, plain backgrounds, asymmetrical layouts, unsettled HTML, and untreated photos. 

Neo-Brutalism brings in this kind of bareness to the whole website, which is less extreme and brings in the feel of this restrained taste of minimalism. 

The website designers are making sure that they would avoid the reason for the decline of architectural brutalism, so they stick with the whole design being bold, strong, and striking while not being too much for the person’s eyes.

  1. Typographic hero image

Typography is coming back. When you talk about typographic hero images, it means that you would reduce or take down the image of the “hero” and just allow the message to carry the whole article or part of the website where it tells the story. 

In this section, it would have a much more bare and bold feeling to it, adding to the simplicity of the page. Let the headlines command attention using bold, tasteful, and creative style of letterings.

  1. Moving type

Typography is being used more than just relaying information but to move the viewers, so why not make them move. 

With the constant evolution of animation, it is constantly being incorporated in website design in terms of page transitions, UI elements, and illustrated graphics. But this year, moving texts are also coming in clutch. 

You could see the moving type in a minimalistic type, allowing the typography to take the attention without overwhelming the reader. An example of this would have to be having the world form a circle, moving in circular rotations.

  1. Memphis design

The Memphis design is a 1980 aesthetic that brings this gaudy style with some chaotic patterns and shape that is strategically placed on the website to give off this aesthetic that rejects minimalism. 

This type of design leans more into the supposed taste of the high-art critics while adding more color and a more adventurous approach, giving off a colorful explosion of personality. 

This is a design that audiences would never forget.

  1. Engagement

Making sure that your website has the proper engagement, ramping up on the animation, and adding more pizazz in your website helps in your Search Engine Optimization, which is something you would want to bring in more natural engagement. 

To make sure that you have the interaction that you would like, or enough to bring you up to the search engine rankings, add more meaningful engagements like clicking, dragging, and swiping by adding more mystery and creating more possible experiences that would leave the audiences to want more.

  1. Scrolling

Having animated interaction while scrolling through the page could make sure that your audiences would stay and be intrigued in what to pop up next, and this year, your scrolling experience would just be getting bigger and better.

A lot of website designers use scrolling animations to tell a story, surprising the visitor by giving them a creative experience as they watch the world of their imagination somehow come to life. 

As time passes, these animations get more detailed and immersive, allowing the visitor to go through their imaginative journey for themselves.

  1. Making your borders visible

There was a time when the trend in website design was to make invisible borders, well now in 2022, making your borders visible is back on the trend. It would make the whole layout of the web design much more visible through frames and simple borders.

An advantage of having visible grids is to help the audience distinguish one section of the page from the other, making it easier for them to scan your whole page while allowing them to sip in much more content without having the feeling of overwhelmingness. 

It gives it a very subtle and retro touch, that is adjacent to the 90s trend that is slowly making its comeback.

  1. Retro

The revolution of times keeps coming back, and retro is no exemption. A lot of website designers have been taking inspiration from the retro era, grabbing inspiration from the Wild West days while adding bright background colors, adding visible table layouts, and adding some robotic typefaces. 

Keeping up with the constant change of trends in the web design world could be overwhelming, and working with a professional website designer would help you be on top of all of these trends while keeping your website fresh and trendy to encourage more engagement and invite more natural traffic.