May 27, 2022


Future Technology

4 Technology Trends Everyone Must Get Ready For Now

Technologists at Accenture have unveiled their Tech Vision 2022 “metaverse continuum” – an overview that lays out how they think companies and individuals will interact across interconnected digital environments and expert services in the in the vicinity of foreseeable future.

The doc – titled ‘Meet Me In The Metaverse’ – also highlights the four vital technologies trends they believe that will influence our lives in 2022. It arrives as the corporation announces the development of a new business enterprise unit that will target on earning the metaverse perform for its prospects.

The four traits recognized in the report are:

· WebMe – Putting the “me” in metaverse

· Programmable entire world – our world, personalized

· The unreal: Building the artificial, genuine

· Computing the difficult: New machines, new opportunities

I bought the opportunity to speak to one particular of the report’s authors – Paul Daugherty, who is Accenture’s Team Main Government for Technology.

He explained to me that the word “continuum” was picked as it represents the sort that they think the metaverse will take. That is, a “spectrum of digitally increased worlds, realities, and enterprise styles.”

All four of the tendencies touch on things that will make up the metaverse, so alongside one another with Daugherty, I took a closer appear at them all separately.


This encapsulates numerous suggestions related with the strategy of id in the digital area and in the immersive electronic realities that will one day grow to be the metaverse. These suggestions include things like the thought of “presence” – that we will have the knowledge of currently being present, as a result of avatars or other representations of ourself, in the domain, instead than just observing it, as we do now when we search a website website page or use an application. It also illustrates the concept that our info will be portable involving distinctive domains or spots of the metaverse, and our sense of id and digital presence will go with it. This performs in the direction of producing the significantly a lot more immersive knowledge that we believe that will be a defining characteristic of the “metaverse experience.”

Daugherty states that two critical ideas that will arise from this are the “Web of place” and “World wide web of possession.”

He states, “It’s the shared collaborative spaces and experiences that you can have … points like Microsoft Mesh and Omniverse from Nvidia… that is the world-wide-web of spot.

“Then there is the internet of ownership which is seriously foundational – new varieties of identification, and creating exclusive identities for people today and objects in the world wide web … it is what allows cryptocurrency and enables new types of commerce … items like fungible and non-fungible tokens and new products and solutions you can have on the internet, and this really is a gamechanger from a company perspective.”

The Programmable Planet

As the world will become ever more virtual, digitized, and computerized, our potential to handle and manipulate it improves. Imagine about how just a technology or so back, cars had been completely mechanical, and if just about anything went wrong with them, or we required to alter factors of their functionality, we would have to have to alter the bodily mechanisms these as the engine, brakes or gearboxes. Today we can plug them into a pc and diagnose faults as effectively as good-tune every element of their overall performance. This currently goes way over and above cars, with personal computers and microchips found in each individual unit from kettles to bathroom scales. Medicines and vaccines can be programmed to target particular ailments or to be effective in people with a distinct genetic disposition. And elements on their own are turning out to be “intelligent” – these types of as concrete that can self-mend when it turns into cracked, at vehicle tires that adapt the composition of their rubber treads to healthy the driving conduct of their users and the terrain where by they are used.

Daugherty tells me, “All people points are becoming reality, and it genuinely extends what companies can do and has a great deal of benefits which includes sustainability … you can imagine about new methods to conceptualize and establish goods … points like this are genuinely about how the whole planet gets programmable and the electronic technologies … is seriously going to alter the total earth, not just the way that technologies is utilized in companies.”

The Unreal

Artificial information is any facts that is created by computer systems alternatively than captured from the true environment. In specific, it is created working with synthetic intelligence (AI) algorithms and electronic twins that are able to product serious-world objects, devices, and procedures with growing precision and as a result develop details that has all of the worth of genuine-planet details. In these predicaments, the important distinctions come to be less about what is “genuine” or “unreal” and much more about irrespective of whether the information is practical or not real looking – or genuine or inauthentic. The engineering identified as “deep fakes” has produced news headlines frequently for the completely wrong reasons in modern several years, but it also has really constructive potential uses where it can help save corporations time and cash by generating synthetic information which, even though not “real”, can however be viewed as reliable.

Daugherty suggests, “As usually, this is about getting the stability correct and hunting at the alternatives to do it effectively, as well as the duty of steering clear of the pitfalls – a ton of get the job done is going on all-around authenticity … plenty of do the job with generative neural networks that will hopefully give us some technological answers as perfectly.”

In this article, the Accenture report would make the very crucial place that rely on and sustainability are two concerns that cannot be ignored when it arrives to the affect of this technological know-how. Enterprises and brands will have the problem of building bonds of have faith in with prospects in electronic worlds wherever nearly anything can be faked, and authenticity is paramount. At the same time, a important hurdle will be demonstrating that all of these programs and the strength made use of to electrical power them are getting designed and produced in a sustainable way.

“There are remedies, and it truly is incumbent on us to realize this and navigate the long run in the appropriate way,” Daugherty suggests.

Computing the not possible

Computing energy has often been increasing. But new developments on the horizon like quantum computing and biocomputing are set to blow Moore’s Law – the observation built in 1965 that computers have a tendency to about double in electricity each individual two yrs – out of the h2o. The industry of computing that we refer to as artificial intelligence, especially device learning and deep understanding, has chiefly turn out to be practical in the earlier decade or so because personal computer processors have eventually come to be readily available that can keep up with the background mathematics that is expected. Right now, Google is mentioned to have a doing the job quantum pc able of running 100 million moments quicker than any non-quantum laptop in existence. Though this will only be appropriate to a quite restricted quantity of use instances (it’s unlikely you could use it to perform Fortnite 100 million periods quicker than on an Nvidia GPU, for example), it is very clear that we are receiving set for an increase in computing ability, compared with everything we’ve found in advance of. Daugherty states, “New types of computing are going to change what you’re in a position to compute, you happen to be going to be able to fix new challenges … we’re executing work with purchasers in people locations hunting at making use of quantum algorithms to fix what would have been unsolvable complications even with high-efficiency computing and the cloud.

“You’re not likely to change your knowledge center with quantum desktops, but seem for unsolvable and tricky-to-clear up difficulties … that is one spot to get started.”

You can capture my full discussion with Paul Daugherty, CTO of Accenture, listed here, where we go into a lot more depth on Accenture’s eyesight for the metaverse as properly as its ambitions for the recently fashioned Metaverse Continuum unit.

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