July 15, 2024

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Using Registry Cleaners to Repair the Blue Screen of Death

What is the windows blue screen of death?

Blue Screen of Death or BSoD is an error screen displayed by Windows operating system, particularly on older versions. Windows Blue Screen freezes happen when there is an error your system has failed to resolve. Blue Screen of Death are protection measure to protect your PC from further damage.

What are the causes of Windows Blue Screen freezes and how to fix them?

What are the causes?
Windows blue screen of death may have a variety of causes: First a DLL problem may cause windows to become unstable. Your operating system loads DLLs objects every time it has to run applications. If these DLL objects are changed, Windows often gets confused and runs the Bsod.

Bad memory units, faulty CPU’s or power units are also another common cause of Bsods.

Finally, blue screen of death may be caused by the presence of a bad or poorly written driver on your system.

How to fix windows blue screen of death freeze?

Now let’s get back to resolving Windows Blue Screen freezes.

o Rebooting. This is a short-term fix to BSoD problems. Naturally rebooting helps you resolve the BSoD but at the same time, makes you lose all unsaved data. This is only a temporary solution: if the cause of blue screen of death is not resolved, the error may crop up again after a few hours’ work. In fact it will get worse over time.

o Replacing the faulty hardware. This is the solution for BsoDs caused by bad hardware parts such as momery modules. Simply get yourself new ones at your nearest computer shop.
o Using a registry cleaner. Device drivers and thousands other application settings are found in your OS registry. Over time, the registry gets bogged down with all sorts of useless or flawed entries.

How to use registry cleaner to solve BSoD problem

The Windows registry is, in simple terms, a database containing your PC system configuration and the operating system’s settings. It also contains all your hardware drivers (printer, scanners, digital cameras etc.) to which your OS frequently refers in order to run smoothly.
Windows Blue Screen of Death happen when your PC detects some incompatibility between the settings it has on its registry and the actual piece of hardware it is about to run.
To fix this type of errors, download and run a good registry cleaning software.

And in conclusion

To summarize, Windows Blue Screen freezes may be caused by various errors such as bad hardware and incompatible and outdated registry entries. While you can easily solve the first cause by replacing the faulty part, drivers-caused BSoDs can be solved by using registry cleaning software which will identify the problematic driver and either remove it or repair it.

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