June 18, 2024

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Top 10 Cyber Security Websites 2022

best cyber security websites

Cyber security has become of utmost importance in today’s digital era. In order to stay on top of the latest trends, threats, and developments in information security, it is crucial to keep an eye on the changing landscape. Therefore, it’s quite crucial that you keep yourself constantly updated about the new trends and threats so that you can protect yourself from them.

Cybercriminals and cyber threats are on the edge and your single mistake can lead to devastating problems. You might lose access to your confidential files, your bank details could be shared with someone, or worse, someone may misuse your personal information publicly. Moreover, the hackers are evolving themselves at the same pace cyber security technology is improving. These are just a few instances we shared with you. There are many more significant reasons you should take cyber security seriously. However, nobody expects you to be an expert in cyber security.

This knowledge can be gained by reading and understanding extensively about this. There are several security publications, sites, and even blogs that are great at explaining and decoding the latest and trending cyber issues. They have great resources to learn how to keep you and your organization safe.

TOP 10 cyber security websites of 2022

In light of the fact that a Google search for cyber security websites produces millions of results, we thought we’d put together a list of the best ones.

1. The Hacker News

In addition to the latest cybersecurity news, The Hacker News offers in-depth coverage of current and future trends in Infosec and how they are shaping the cyber world. A number of topics are covered, including data breaches, cyber-attacks, vulnerabilities, and malware. Thousands of security professionals as well as leading security researchers and geeks read the magazine each month. It has 8 million readers, including geeks, techies, CISOs, business graduates, and millennials.

2. CSO

In order to stay ahead of cyber threats and defend against criminal cyberattacks, CSO provides critical information to enterprise security decision-makers and users.

In addition to providing depth and insight into key decisions and investments in IT security, it covers all disciplines related to risk management, network security, fraud prevention, and data loss prevention.

The CSO also offers independent research, such as its annual state of cybercrime report, and conferences that bring together national security experts.

3. Cybersecurity Insiders

There is no better place to get all the information you need about cybersecurity than Cybersecurity Insiders. A constant stream of reports, webinars, courses, and events is available.

Besides a newsletter, they list out their most popular articles, so you know where to start. It is a 5,00,000-member community for IT security professionals. Each member of this platform is dedicated to working to spread awareness among the audience in all possible ways and protect them from potential cyberattacks. No matter even if you are not really tech-savvy. You will still be able to understand whatever they have to convey.

4. Daniel Miessler

With more than 20 years of experience in information security, Daniel Miessler is an experienced cybersecurity expert, consultant, and writer. His experience includes technical assessment and implementation, executive-level advisory services consulting, and building and running industry-leading security programs.

You can find everything from posts about malicious advertising to examples of bad cybersecurity metrics on his blog, which is updated several times a week.

His weekly newsletter, The Unsupervised Learning, is read by more than 35,000 people. For those who prefer audio, be sure to check out his podcast.

5. Dark Reading

Dark Reading is one of the most popular cybersecurity news sites and a trusted community of cybersecurity professionals. Dark Reading describes itself as a place where enterprise security staffers and decision-makers can learn about new cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and technology trends.

There are 13 communities covered on the website: Analytics, Attacks & Breaches, Application Security, Careers and People, Cloud Security, Endpoint, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile, Operations, Perimeter, Risk, Threat Intelligence, and Vulnerabilities and Threats.

Dark Reading communities are run by editors and subject matter experts who collaborate with security researchers, technology specialists, industry analysts, and other Dark Reading members to provide timely, accurate, and informative articles.

6.  We Live Security

It features security news and insights provided by its researchers and security experts from around the world on WeLiveSecurity.com, an award-winning blog published by IT security firm ESET. It is a trusted source for breaking cyber news and won the 2018 Best Corporate Security Blog award at InfoSecurity Magazine’s European Security Blogger Awards. The forum has also served as a platform for publishing some of ESET’s most high-profile cybersecurity discoveries.

If you want to stay updated with cyber security news and updates all the time, you should simply follow this website on a regular basis. The best thing is that even ESET speaks about this website on their platform which makes it more trustworthy and credible.

7. Graham Cluley

Graham Cluley is an independent cybersecurity analyst and public speaker. He covers news on data breaches, hacks, enterprise security, and the cybersecurity industry itself.

8. IT Security Guru

Daily IT security news is delivered by IT Security Guru. A section of their site is dedicated to the latest cybersecurity scams where they spotlight recent hacks. They also offer articles, videos, webinars, analyses, and case studies.

9.  Security Weekly

Asadoorian’s Security Weekly blog features his work as an industry veteran. On a variety of channels including iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, and many more, you can listen to or watch webcasts and IT Security video programs.

10. Naked Security

Sophos’ award-winning threat newsroom, Naked Security, provides news, opinions, advice, and research on computer security issues.

Although owned by Sophos, it operates independently, publishing daily articles about the latest threats to organizations, their cyber defense strategies, and the latest news.

Ready to try Top Cybersecurity websites?

We have tried to compile a list of all the top websites that we find more resourceful. Considering the need for cyber security it’s good to stay up-to-date with all the latest online security trends going on. It’s equally important that you invest in the best security software or antivirus that can build robust online protection around your systems.