December 8, 2023

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Nvidia and Microsoft team up to build massive AI cloud computer

Nvidia and Microsoft team up to build massive AI cloud computer

The Nvidia logo.
Enlarge / Nvidia and Microsoft are teaming up on an AI cloud supercomputer.


On Wednesday, Nvidia announced a collaboration with Microsoft to construct a “massive” cloud pc centered on AI. It will reportedly use tens of 1000’s of significant-end Nvidia GPUs for apps like deep finding out and substantial language models. The organizations aim to make it just one of the most highly effective AI supercomputers in the globe.

In change, the new supercomputer will attribute hundreds of units of what is arguably the most highly effective GPU in the entire world, the Hopper H100, which Nvidia launched in October. Nvidia will also deliver its 2nd most effective GPU, the A100, and employ its Quantum-2 InfiniBand networking system, which can transfer knowledge at 400 gigabits per next concerning servers, linking them collectively into a highly effective cluster.

Meanwhile, Microsoft will add its Azure cloud infrastructure and ND- and NC-sequence digital equipment. Nvidia’s AI Company system will tie the complete point collectively. The companies will also collaborate on DeepSpeed, Microsoft’s deep mastering optimization program.

In a assertion, Nvidia pointed out the apps the joint supercomputer could possibly serve:

“As element of the collaboration, Nvidia will employ Azure’s scalable digital device situations to research and further accelerate improvements in generative AI, a fast rising location of AI in which foundational products like Megatron Turing NLG 530B are the basis for unsupervised, self-learning algorithms to build new textual content, code, digital pictures, online video or audio.”

This past year has seen a swift increase in generative AI types these types of as Stable Diffusion and DALL-E that can synthesize novel illustrations or photos on demand from customers. Similar types have appeared that can create video, synthesize voices, and complete transcription, amongst other uses. As computational desire boosts for generative AI, Nvidia and Microsoft intend to be there to meet it.

A press photo of the Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPU.
Enlarge / A push picture of the Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPU.

After Nvidia and Microsoft’s cloud laptop or computer arrives online, clients can deploy 1000’s of GPUs in a one cluster to “prepare even the most significant substantial language versions, build the most complex recommender devices at scale, and allow generative AI at scale,” in accordance to Nvidia.

The providers did not present details on when the new supercomputer will be all set but mentioned that the announcement marks the starting of a “multi-yr collaboration.” It is possible the cloud laptop will scale up in potential about time.