May 28, 2022


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The teeny tiny MCU mentioned in the article, merely a blimp on a giant devboard

New Part Day: Smallest ARM MCU Uproots Competition, Needs Research

We’ve been contacted by [Cedric], telling us about the smallest MCU he’s ever found – Huada HC32L110. For all those of us into miniature merchandise, this Cortex-M0+ bundle packs a punch (PDF datasheet), with low-electricity, significant abilities and wealthy peripherals packed into an 1.6mm x 1.4mm piece of solderable silicon.

This is matchstick head scale computing, with way a lot more power than we previously could entry at this sort of a scale, waiting around to be wrangled. As opposed to an ATTiny20 also accessible in WLCSP deal, this is a notable maximize in specs, with a way a lot more powerful CPU, 16 moments as a great deal RAM and 8-16 times the flash! Not to mention that it’s $1 a piece in QTY1, which is about what an ATTiny20 goes for. Remaining a .35mm pitch 16-pin BGA, your standard board household may not be really pleased with you, but once you get a board fabbed and shipped from a fab really worth their salt, a little bit of stenciling and reflow will get you to a devboard in no time.

Drawbacks? No English datasheet or Arduino port, and the 67-web page PDF we identified doesn’t have some factors like sign-up mappings. LILYGO promised that they will begin selling the devboards before long, but we’re certain it would not be difficult for us to acquire our very own. From there, we’d hope for an ESP8266-like impact – lacking details pieced with each other, translated and built available, bit by little bit.

When it will come to soldering these types of small packages, we highly recommend reflow. Nevertheless, if you make a decision to go the magnet wire route, we would not dare object – just make positive to deliver us shots. Just after all, would seem like miniature microcontrollers like ATTiny20 are desirable more than enough of a proposition that men and women will decide on the craziest route possible just to participate in with 1. They say, the insanity of the brave is the wisdom of existence.

We thank [Cedric] for sharing this with us!

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