July 15, 2024

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List of Computer Viruses – A Through D

As computer owners one of the main things we are worried about are viruses. A computer virus is a type of computer program that copies itself and infects a computer. A virus spreads from one computer to another when the viruses’ host is taken to the target computer; examples of this is when a user sends the virus over the Internet, when it is transferred using removable device like a floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB drive.

The word “virus” is commonly used to describe to other types of Malware, Adware, and Spyware programs that do not have the reproductive ability that a “true” virus has. The possibility of spreading of viruses to other computers increases when infected files on a network file system or a file system are accessed by another computer.

Here is a list of common Viruses from A-D:

A: A and A, A-403, Abraxas, Acid, Acme, ABC, Actifed, Ada, Agena, AGI-Plan, Ah, AI,AIDS, AIDSII, AirCop, Ajax, Alabama, Alcon, Alien, Ambulance, Amstrad,Ancient, Andre, Andre2, Andromeda, Angelina, Anna, Anna Kournikova, Anninja, ANT, Ant-Cow, Anthrax – Boot, Anthrax, – File, ANTI, AntiCMOS, Anti-D, Anti-Daf, Anti-MIT, Anti-Pascal II, Anti-Pascal, Anti-Tel, Anti-Telefonica, Arab, Aragon, Aragorn, ARCV-n

B: B Ugly, B3, B-52, BA101, Back Time, Bad Boy, Bad Brains, Bad Command, Bad Guy, Bad Sectors 1.2, Bad-389, Bak, Bamestra, Banana, Bandit, Baobab 731, Barcelona, Barrotes 2, Barrotes, Basil, Bat, Beaches, Beast, BeBe, Beeper, Beer, Benoit, Real PvP, Flava, Berlin, Best Wishes, Beta, Beva-32, Beva-33, Beva-96, Beware, BFD, Big 2000, Bit Addict, Black Knight, Black Monday, Blackjack, Blaze, Bljec, Blood Lust, Blood Rage, Blood, Blood-2, Bob, Bomber, Boot Killer, Bouncing Dot, Bow, Boys, Brainy,BrO_AcT, Brotherhood, Brothers, Browser, Bryansk, Bubbles 2, Bubbles, Bubonic, Budo, Burger, Burghofer, Busted, Butterfly, Butthole, Byte Bandit, Byte Warrior(c), Brain

C: Cabanas, Caco-Daemon, CAD Kill, C-A-D, Cannabis, Cansu, Capital, Cara, Caribe,Carioca, CaroEvil, Cartuja, Casc1621, Casc-2, Cascade, Cascade/170x, Casino, Casper,Casteggio, Catman, Catphish, Caz, CB-1530, CD, CDEF, CDFL Mac, CD-10, Century,Cerburus, CFSK, Chad, Chang, Chaos, Chaser, Chcc, Cheeba, Cheesy, Chemist, Chemnitz, Chernobyl, Chile Mediera, Chinese Blood, Chr-869, Chrisj13, Christmas Tree,Christmas Violator, CIH,,Cinderella, Civil Service, Civil War II, Civil War III, Civil War IV, Civil War V, Civil War, CkSum, Clagger, Clint, Clonewar 2, Clonewar, Clust, Coahuila, CODE 1, CODE 252, Code Zero, Coffee Shop, Collor de Mello, Color, Com16850, Com2S, Comdex, Commentator, Commwarrior, Como, Compiler2, Comspec, Conficker, Cop-Mpl, Copyright, Copyr-ug, Coruna, Coruna3, Cossiga No, Grazie, Cossiga, Costeau, CPXK, Cracker Jack, Cracky, Crash, Crasher, Crazy Eddie, Crazy Imp, CrazyI B, CRF, Cross Over, CSL, CV4

D: D1, DKid, Dada, Damage, Danny,Dark Apocalypse, Dark Avenger, Dark End, DataLock, Datos, Davis, D-Day, Death,Deceide 2, Dedicated, Deicide, Demolition, Demon, Den Zuk, Dennis, Deranged, Diablo, Dial, Dima, Disk Killer, Dismember, Dodgy 1024, Dodo 2456, Dodo, Doodle, Dorn, Dose-A, Druid, Dudley, Dutch Tiny, Dutch

As you can see, the number of viruses is large and varies from an array of noticeable and unnoticeable names. Keeping your computer safe is imperative in this day and age, especially when you own a business. With Corporate Training Solutions your employees or IT department can receive Security education on how to prevent or work with these viruses. Don’t lose all your information due to a virus in a time when information technology is in such high demand, get Corporate Learning Solutions today!