June 18, 2024

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LG Art Lab NFT Platform Launches on Select TVs

LG Art Lab TVs

Earlier this year at the 2022 CES, Samsung announced they were adding NFT purchase capability for select TVs. We included the mention of these features in our report: CES 2022: Samsung Announces TV Innovations. 

LG Art Lab

Not to be outdone by Samsung, LG (the two are competitive enemies) has recently decided to add its own NFT platform to TVs that run WebOS 5.0 or higher (2020 or newer LG TVs). The company’s new NFT marketplace, called LG Art Lab, lets you “buy, sell and enjoy high-quality digital artwork” from your TV.

LG sees the picture quality and large screens of its compatible TVs as the perfect match for displaying images using its NFT platform. 

LG’s new platform is based on the Hedera network. This network is the most used, sustainable, enterprise-grade public ledger for the decentralized economy, making buying and selling as simple, secure, and safe as possible, incorporating onscreen QR codes that let users quickly complete transactions via Wallypto – the company’s cryptocurrency wallet for smartphones. 

Once purchased, an NFT can be traded on the  LG Art Lab Marketplace, where users can view transaction history. In My Collection, they can admire all of their owned artworks. 

Although available on LG’s LED/LCD and OLED TVs, viewing your NFT Digital Art Collection on an LG OLED TV display the best results with the ability to display absolute black, provide inifinite contrast, and excellent color accuracy. 

2022 LG C2 4K TV with Barry X. Ball Art

Barry X. Ball

For contemporary art fans, LG Art Lab features the first digital artwork from well-known sculptor Barry X Ball. The first one of these drops is set to occur on September 22nd and features a set of metallic-looking NFTs.

Ball is known for reinterpreting classical and modernist sculptures using the latest 3D scanning and printing technologies, as well as traditional techniques.

Ball’s art will debut as an LG NFT offering with unique ‘Metal’ series digital works. The first of these capture all the textures, details and materials – including precious metals and gemstones – used in the artist’s sculptures and will be available via the platform’s LG Art Lab Drops feature with “Stone” series.

LG Art Lab TV

More Coming From LG Art Labs

Other artists’ works are expected to be added on a monthly basis.

To help users get a better understanding of their favorite NFTs and creators, LG’s platform provides artwork descriptions and short films that spotlight each artist’s creative processes. Users can follow and learn more about each artist in the app’s profile feature and may have the opportunity to meet some of them at upcoming, LG-sponsored art events.

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With their picture quality and stylish, minimalist design, LG’s next-gen TVs have been featured in several high-profile events on the art world calendar, including Milan Design Week and the recently-held Frieze Seoul.

For more information: lgartlab.com

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