July 23, 2024

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Google search changing, Microsoft brags about Xbox Series X – Video

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Google announced some changes are coming to search results next year.
Page experience will play a bigger role on how highly Google recommends a site.
Google says that quote, great page experiences enable people to get more done and engage more deeply.
The company also says it aims to help people more easily access the information they’re looking for.
Microsoft says that its next XBOX will be compatible with thousands of older XBOX games at launch.
The company also says those older games should play better than before by taking full advantage of the new hardware in the XBOX series X. That translates into quicker loading times more frames per second and HDR support.
HDR support should mean game show better contrast and a wider range of color.
Disney plus has fixed something bugging Simpsons fans since this services launch.
Older episodes were presented in a 16 by nine aspect ratio.
By zooming into the original four by three ratio, that meant that certain site gags were not visible.
Well, Disney has finally unveiled a fix.
When you head to the Simpsons page hit details there, you can opt out of the remastered aspect ratio and watch the Simpsons as it was originally intended.
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