May 28, 2022


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Apple CEO Tim Cook allegedly threatened by possibly armed woman

Apple CEO Tim Cook has led the company for over a decade.


The County of Santa Clara granted a temporary restraining order against a Virginia woman who Apple says has been stalking the company’s CEO Tim Cook since at least 2020, tagging him on social media, traveling to his home and sending him photos of a loaded handgun. Apple believes she may be armed and is still somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, intending to “Apple’s CEO’s residence or locate him otherwise in the near future,” the company wrote in a court filing.

The application, which was reported earlier by the San Jose Mercury News, accused the woman of “erratic, threatening and bizarre behavior” on social media, over email and in person. At one point in October last year, she entered Cook’s Palo Alto property before quickly being stopped by local police. The county’s order bars the woman, whose lawyer could not be located for comment at time of publication, from possessing any guns, entering any Apple office or store, or approaching any Apple employees, including Cook or his residence.

An Apple spokesman declined to comment beyond the filings.

The restraining order is the latest in a series of incidents where stalkers have targeted powerful and rich tech company leaders at their homes. 

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