December 5, 2023

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Alderley Edge ‘used by YouTube fame-seeking supercar drivers’

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Police said they were aware there was “an issue” involving supercars in Alderley Edge

Sports car owners seeking social media fame are “causing a public nuisance” by loudly revving their engines, a councillor said.

Craig Browne said cars were being shown off in Alderley Edge with the intention of appearing on YouTube channels.

Local YouTuber Joardan Belsham denied loud revving was “a big problem” there.

Mr Browne, who is deputy leader of Cheshire East Council, said a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) was being explored to “make revving an offence”.

In an article on, Mr Browne wrote that the number of supercar drivers coming to the village in the hope of being captured on YouTube had been “growing over several years”.

“There are a group of people who stand on the footway at various points with cameras looking to take photographs of vehicles,” he told the BBC.

“It’s like the highways version of trainspotting, but it is encouraging reckless driving and antisocial behaviour.

“The way they’re being driven with rapid acceleration and excessive revving of engines and exhaust noise is causing a problem.”

Later this month, the council will consider how a PSPO could be drawn up in order to outlaw revving and rapid acceleration on the village’s main roads.

Mr Browne also suggested the speed limit could be cut to 20mph.

Cheshire Police Ch Insp Jez Taylor said: “We are aware of the issue and will be working with the council and highways to look for a resolution.”

Mr Belsham, who has filmed cars in Alderley Edge at weekends for six years for his Supercars in Manchester YouTube channel, said loud revving was discouraged by photographers and was “not something that happens very often”.

“When it does some locals tend to jump on it as an excuse to bring in the council,”, he said.

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