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Video conferencing company zoom has responded to privacy concerns that recently arose.
The company says it will enact a 90 day feature freeze, that means it will stop adding new features and instead focus on the privacy issues.
Zoom will also undergo a quote comprehensive review with third party experts.
Since the beginning of the year, consumers have lost $4.77 million to Corona virus related scams, the FTC said on Tuesday with the median loss of $598.
In a post, the FTC said it seen a surge in complaints surrounding Corona virus scams.
These scams ranged from travel and vacation refund and cancellation deceptions to mobile texting scams and to scammers posing as the government.
They total more than 7800 complaints.
And finally Nintendo reportedly planned on a supermario 35th anniversary event for a three in June.
But due to the events cancellation, the company is readjusting its plans.
According to a report from Eurogamer and VGC.
On Monday, Nintendo was set to release multiple remastered or updated versions of older Mario games, including Super Mario 64 Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy.
There was also a rumored new entry in the Paper Mario franchise.
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