October 29, 2020


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PS5 gets date and price, Apple Watch Series 6 arrives – Video

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PlayStation 5 will launch November 12, and retail for $400 for the digital version, and $500 for the version but the blu ray drive.
The highly anticipated information was announced during Sony’s latest PlayStation showcase.
Are a few other titles were demonstrated and debuted.
Some retailers will be taking pre-orders as early as Thursday, September 17.
The list of confirmed launch titles is light, but include Spider Man Miles Morales, Demon Souls and Sackboy A Big Adventure.
We’ll have much more on PS5 and Xbox Series X as their launch is near.
There is no new iPhone on display at Apple’s big event, but instead the star of the show was the company’s latest Apple Watch Series six.
It sports a familiar design but now features a sensor that can detect blood oxygen levels in 15 seconds.
Apple also debuted family setup, which lets families better organize their children’s watches.
Making use of location services and other powerful control options.
Also new for Siri six are fresh colors and new watchface designs.
Finally, we’ve got a review of the galaxy z fold two.
It’s a major step in correcting most of the shortcomings found in the original and sports a newly refined look and feel For all the gritty details, you can check out our full review and stay up to date with the latest by visiting CNET

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