Hey everybody, today we’re talking about how you can have some fun in the world without having to go outside.
And very quickly I wanted to comment on one of my previous videos, I neglected to thank all the people who are going out there and handling their jobs.
In this crazy time, thank you so much for what you’re doing.
On a lighter note, let’s get to it.
First up, let’s talk about stage it.
It’s a place where you can watch live concerts.
You buy virtual tickets, and you can tip the artists Since these are concerts stage it says that the performances you watch are never recorded.
It’s streamed live, and that’s it.
There’s also a chat section where fans can talk to other fans and the artists themselves.
The musician decides what to play but you can make requests.
Who can you see using stages Here are a few names Jon Bon Jovi, Tom Morello, Bonnie Raitt common and Jeff Ross.
Wait, isn’t Jeff Ross a comedian?
Stage It also features comedians and magicians to speaking of comedy.
How about gonna a comedy club?
I kind of miss being able to go to stand up New York.
Well, there is still new live comedy out there.
I kid you not.
But stand up New York is working with cam soda to stream live comedy shows.
You might be thinking Wait, can soda do I know that name sounds familiar.
Well, you might.
It’s well known for streaming adult content.
Cam soda says it will stream comedy concerts and other live shows.
There’s also a service called next up comedy dot com.
This is a pay service that gives 50% of revenue to the comedians.
The site says it has lots and lots of exclusive content from all over the world.
There’s a seven day free trial if you wanna check it out.
What about seeing a Broadway show?.
Well, those are all closed for now.
But there’s always Broadway HD.
This is a pay service and there are no ads anywhere during your playback.
Want to see Patrick Stewart and Macbeth, you can do that.
Afraid that you’ll get their understudy instead.
No, that’s not how Broadway HD works wants to see Jekyll and Hyde, the musical starring David Hasselhoff.
I know that sounds like I’m making it up, but you can watch it on Broadway HD.
What about Jerry Springer, the opera.
That’s a real thing.
There are also performances by Cirque de Soleil.
Those are always awesome.
Broadway HD also has a free trial and costs around nine bucks per month if you pay monthly.
Lincoln Center has also started up Lincoln Center at home.
There are classes for families that stream on Facebook Live.
You can also listen to musicians in concert.
It looks like the site will feature operas as well, but That selection appears to rotate.
And all of that is free at LincolnCenter.org.
You can also visit museums virtually.
The Louvre has posted a lot of content online.
You can view a slide show of the masterpieces of the Louvre.
There are online tours of a number of exhibits, check out the Petit Gallery.
You can navigate around to look at all kinds of works of art.
There are little icons that pop up to show you what parts are more interactive.
There are other tours, but be warned, some use flash.
What about NASA’s Langley Research Center?
It’s open online.
Each site has a video to give you some context.
Below that are virtual tours so you can look around, not enough virtual tour and check out arts and culture.google.com.
There are also collections to check out, hit the menu button on the left and hit collections.
And lastly, something silly remember theme parks For the first time ever, Disney launched a street view of the Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort.
Walk around virtually.
It’s just like being there.
Well, if people were very stealth and their faces were blurred out, Disney site says you can use these to plan your next Disney vacation.
There’s also virtual tours of Lego Land, if that’s your thing.
If you’re looking for ways to make Netflix better, check this video out.
If you know of resources for virtual tourism, share them on my as actor and hang in there.

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