Graduation is a right of passage.
Mark this transition to the next phase of life whatever it may look like this these days in the midst of a pandemic with the cool and useful tech gift.
If distance learning continues into the fall there is no more useful gift for a students than a laptop.
Same argument could be made for someone joining the workforce and needing it too for zoom meeting.
For Apple users go with the revamped MacBook Air.
Windows users will enjoy the Dell XPS one of the best tech gifts I’ve ever received is my apple EarPods.
They’re great to use while exercising for talking on the phone listening to music and podcasts and all around multitasking since you’re not tethered to your phone by a cord.
At Apple, they start at $160 but you can often find them for a bit cheaper from other retailers.
And instant pot is a great gift for kids moving into their own apartment.
They’re going to need to learn to cook ASAP especially now with limited restaurant dining options.
And one of these multi use gadgets is a great way to begin.
Models start around the hundred dollars.
And finally, go for the sentimental gift and put together a photo book of memories from your students senior year.
Try blurb, artifact uprising, or the well known Shutterfly.
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I’m Kara Tsuboi with CNET for CBS News.

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