Zoom is such a handy tool on your computer and phone for keeping in touch with loved ones.
Here are some simple tips and tricks to ensure a smooth experience.
First security if you’re organizing a call, don’t share the meeting ID in a public space, use a password and enable the waiting room feature to see who’s trying to get into your call.
Before granting them access, those steps will prevent zoom bombing or when someone crashes a call uninvited.
Also don’t record your calls unless you own and pay for the zoom account.
Otherwise, whoever does it gets the full audio and video recording plus the transcript of the chats.
Not great if you’re mixing pleasure with a business account.
And now for the fun stuff.
Before your call starts, adjust your settings so they’re ready to go.
log into your account and click the Settings icon in the top right hand corner.
From there you can tweak just about everything from your skin tone for your reaction emojis to whether or not you want your video and microphone on when you join a meeting.
When you click on the video tab, try checking the box touch up my appearance for a fresh looking face.
And have fun playing around with your virtual background.
I like to take screenshots of interesting photographs and graphics, or even wallpapers, and save them to my desktop.
I can then upload them as a more dynamic background than my messy living room.
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I’m Kara Tsuboi with CNET for CBS news.

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