This isn’t the year for Mother’s Day brunches and fancy restaurants or long dinners with the entire family.
Instead, use technology to give your mom something sweet and simple.
You can never go wrong with a sentimental gift.
Create a photo book or photo calendar with one of the many online services out there.
Many people are familiar with Shutterfly, but you could also try mix book mimeo or impex book print services, or for a gift that she can watch over and over again.
Create a video tribute through your smartphone or more professional service like tribute.
solicit videos from loved ones, edit them together or pay the services to do it for you and deliver a polished touching video.
Sure to give mom all the fields Bring your mom’s favourite treats directly to her doorstep with a delivery service.
If she’s a wine lover, try wink.
Take a short quiz to determine her taste and four bottles will be shipped to her home every month.
Once she rates the wines, the bottles will be more tailored to her tastes.
Or try purchasing a gift card to our favourite restaurant doesn’t rain check for a future celebration.
It’s a win win as the local business could use the support and you get a look forward to an in person meal with your loved ones.
Nothing says Mother’s Day.
2020 like a facemask.
Shop Etsy the online marketplace to support local craftspeople and find just the fabric and design to suit your mouth.
And of course don’t forget to call text email, FaceTime or zoom with your mom on this special day.
Happy Mother’s Day.
I’m Kara Tsuboi with CNET for CBS News.

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