I love a good message, but it might be a while before I enjoy the services of a Seuss.
If you’re hurting and could use some muscle relief, consider investing in one of these gadgets.
If you sit in a desk chair all day for work, consider a portable back massager to suit stressed and tired muscles.
The $50 zyllion heated massage pillow is well reviewed on Amazon, and can be used anywhere even in the car.
It just needs an adapter to be plugged in.
If you’re specifically looking to recover from a workout or sports related soreness, a massage gun might be the right fit for you.
These handheld devices are ubiquitous these days with many options found on Amazon and Best Buy some costing as little as $40 cnet’s Top Rated device is the theragun Prime It’s quieter than previous model and has five preset speeds, at $300 it’s not cheap but it could pay for itself after just a few sessions at home.
Finally if you’re after total body relief, consider investing in a massage chair.
Sure you could drop $30,000 for a spin in the Lamborghini branded model, but for significantly less, you can still enjoy luxurious results.
Massage chair planet.com has a huge selection at all price points and offers financing and even extended warranties.
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I’m Carlos Tsuboi, CNET for CBS News.

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