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Apple could postpone the launch of its rumored iPhone SE plus until the second half of next year.
Analysts Ming Chico warned on Tuesday.
According to Mac rumors quoted previously predicted the larger model of the cheaper iPhone will be released in the first half of next year.
With the phone tip to have a 5.5 or 6.1 inch full screen display, quote said the iPhone SE plus could have Touch ID rather than face ID.
Also, according to Mac rumors, HBO Max is coming May 27.
The date was revealed in a YouTube video posted Tuesday that showcase some of the many titles 18 T’s new streaming service will feature an upgrade to the current HBO and HBO NOW, HBO Max is a new player in the ever crowded streaming wars, and is a TTS answer to the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime video, Disney plus and peacock Centered around its Warner media properties.
The service will be the home of HBO hits Game of Thrones, as well as movies, and shows from the Warner Brothers film, and TV studio and DC Comics that will cost $15 a month.
And finally fortnight for Android launched back in 2018.
But it wasn’t available in the Google Play Store.
Those interested in playing the Android version of the game are forced to install it directly and not via a store, which is a process called sideloading.
That changed on Tuesday when developer Epic Games made fortnight available on the Play Store for the first time.
With fortnight debuting there epic released a statement, it doesn’t hold back on how the company feels about Google’s policy.
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