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Apple TV + could be about to get a lot more content.
According to a new report from Bloomberg, the iPhone maker has taken pitches from Hollywood Studios about licensing older content, and has already bought the rights to some older TV shows and films to add to its young streaming service.
The report doesn’t mention which studios Apple has met with which films or shows it is purchased or when they might be available on its platform.
It does However, note that Apple has not yet quote, acquired any huge franchises or blockbusters for its back catalogue.
Facebook said Tuesday that users will be able to shop without leaving the social network.
By visiting a business’s Facebook page or Instagram profile, a move that comes as more people turn to ecommerce because of the Coronavirus pandemic.
In the future users will also be able to shop through the company’s messaging services, including messenger WhatsApp and Instagram direct The company also set And finally, Apple has been rumored to be working on a pair of smart glasses for years.
But on Tuesday front page tech host John Prosser shared alleged details about the augmented reality glasses, which he says will be called Apple glass.
Apple glass will pair with an iPhone and be controlled by gestures on and in front of the glasses Both lenses will reported they have displays and there will also be a LIDAR sensor in the frames.
Prosser added the Apple glasses meant to look similar to a typical pair of glasses and likely won’t feature a camera.
The price tag for Apple glass will reportedly start at $499 plus the cost of prescription lenses.
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