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Functions And Applications Of Data Logger

Functions And Applications Of Data Logger

Data Logger, which is also known as a Data Recorder, is an electrical device that performs the task of recording data over a time period. It can even record data from sensors or instruments which are externally located. Data logger consists of inbuilt sensors that have the capacity to read data from external sensors. It works on microprocessor and battery charger, the size of this device is small. You can attach this device with a computer and retrieve data. The device can also act as a standalone instrument, as it can work with its own keyboard and display screen.

Data logger basically captures as well as stores data, this device has got data capturing elements like plug-in-board. It also has a special inbuilt device which is the data acquisition device that is like a serial communication system which works from the main computer. It is the main computer which performs the function of data recording system in real time.

Now let us check out some of the basic functions of data loggers. They have a multi functional ability. Let it be any sort of electrical signals, it has got the capacity to read all of these signals in a very minimum time frame.
Once the data recorder reads all types of electrical signal, it stores them straight in the internal memory. And once the internal memory captures this data, you can easily download this information straight to your computer. But this does not mean that loggers always need the help of a computer, as it can work without a computer too.

Nowadays people use data recorders for a variety of reasons. Now let us take a sneak peek at some of the basic applications of data recorders. They are used in the weather station in order to record data like … Read the rest