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  1. kevin onofrio says:

    Do you have a po box where autograph requests can be sent? Thanks.

  2. Melissa says:

    Hi I was wondering how many days of the week you workout .and do you take a break from strength training every other day.

  3. Kendra Brown says:

    Hey hun! It was good seeing you again. Yall have fun! I am so tips I know I can’t drive my car tonight, but at any rate we have made it up here.

  4. Ben Hebert says:

    Is it possible to submit my book for consideration of your book club? I just self-published it, but need help reaching the populace. If you and the members of your book club are interested in a raw, emotional, and completely real relationship story from a normal guy’s perspective please check it out–it is entitled Love Loss Translated and available on e-readers (kindle/nook/ipad) Any response or attention would be greatly
    appreciated. Thank you Tisha and you looked amazing, as usual, in Playboy!

  5. I want to know when’s the next time you will be in Dallas Texas or Vegas? Thanks,
    Brenda S. Mendoza ;)

  6. Tiffany hill says:

    hello my name is tiffany i am 23, i seen you on playboy and i want to know how did you get to be on play boy, and what do you do, when you work out. i really want to be a play boy bunny but i don’t see alot of black girls except for you and you are gorgeous, i need a mentor in what i should and should not do. is it possible i can get an email back please

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