If Life is a Game

If life is a game, how are you playing?

Reflections on life come near and far.  It’s unapparent to me of whether others see that each day is a direct reflection of what your tomorrow will be. I often ask myself, “are you paying attention to the signs?” The signs come in the form of other individuals actions or verbiage, groups existence and daily involvement, trials and tribulations of your everyday work and family life. Placed before you each day is a battle, some big and some small. The way that you prepare mentally about life’s shortcomings and life’s forbearing is designed in the structure of your individual mindset. True, your social setting plays a role in your way of thinking. In addition, your upbringing has brought you comfortable in your personal temperament, presenting your outlook on life and daily situations in your present life.  Over time, cognitive thinking can change any outlook on life and/ or the actions of a person to different situations, good or bad. Hence, if you want to change your future, you have to observe and analyze the pathways that life lays out before you.

It is commonly understood that the wise may be meek in sound, as the knowledgeable are both speakers and listeners. However, those standing in the shades of doubt and non-understanding lose a day of preparation each moment they block the vision of positive perception. To prepare you for what you should do to get ahead in the game of life, simply try to get a good understanding of the game. If you focus on the positive, not worrying about the negative, you won’t “sweat the small stuff.” You can’t control others or your situation, but you do have every right to control yourself. So who’s steering your life?

Here’s a topic of discussion that I’d love to hear your feedback on:

“If life is a game, how are you playing?”

A.) I am controlling my tomorrow by steering my own wheel in the game of life.

B.) I am letting others control my tomorrow by allowing others steer my wheel in the game of life.

I have briefly explained life as a game. You can either agree with my explanation of looking at life in a positive way or disagree and look at things negative. You may also say or believe differently than that. Take your stance. Feel free to discuss with others your take of “if life is a game, how are you playing?.”

My choice is positivity and cognitive thinking. Cognitive thinking is a three step process. Something happens, you think about what happened, and then you react to what happened. I found that before I really thought about my daily situations and life’s obstacles, I used to care what others may have said or done to me or around me. When something happened, I used to react. Sometimes those reactions were positive, others negative. As I mature, I take the necessary steps to really understand what goes on around me and I try to accept the things I can not change. I focus on my future and think about my consequences before I react or in other cases, over-react.  I found that I get clearer vision by accepting the things that I can not change and simply controlling the things in my life that I have the ability to.

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One Response to If Life is a Game

  1. Tara says:

    If life is a “game”, then what do I win?? or what do I lose?? How are my wins and losses measured…….by what/who’s standard?? Also, before the game……there’s practice; how and where do I do that??
    Can I just put myself on “automatic pilot” and allow my destiny to fall where it may??

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