Abuja, Nigeria

After Fashion Week in Lagos was over, I ended up staying in Nigeria a few more weeks. I visited the capital, Abuja for about two weeks. In the time that I stayed in Abuja, I went to visit Ghana for a weekend. What many of you may not know is that Abuja was built in the 1980′s and took over as Nigeria’s capital in December of 1991. Although Abuja took Lagos’ place as the capital, Lagos is still more popular. Definitely, if you are a partier and want the experience of Nigerian nightlife, Lagos is it. As for a built city and a relaxing vibe, Abuja is nice.

The President of Nigeria lives just a few minutes from where I stayed and security is on full force in that area. I will say this; tourists need to stay with someone native that they know, especially women. That is not just in Nigeria but any other country foreign to them. Americans are most times a target because in the differences of each country, the United States is a wealthier country for many reasons. In the event that I could offend someone, I’ll just say travel abroad to see the differences in each country and no matter who you are or where you are from, follow your dreams and seek success in your own prospective light. Below are some pics of my tourism. Also pictured is my friend from South Africa, Jesinta as well as us with the Nigerian Football Coach, Stephen Keshi. Enjoy.

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