Paris, France

Imagine being in London and having a FABULOUS time for about two weeks and then surprisingly taking a train from London to Paris. How exciting and romantic does that sound? On April 26th, I got to see Paris for the first time… by taking a train to Paris. Yay! I even tweeted a reference to a Diddy song, “Last train to Paris”. Riding on the train and viewing the scenery, it reminding me of the Anne Hathaway movies that I used to watch growing up. The mood and the language just slurps me up into a “love mood”.

As I got off the train and walked through the station to catch a cab, the aura of France jumped out at me. I absolutely adore the unique shaped cabs that they have in Europe because they are so clean and spacey. I stayed at the Hilton Arc de Triomphe for the 15 days that I was there. It was a nice hotel near one of the world’s most famous shopping streets ever, Champs Elysses. It was also a special time to be in France due to the Presidential election. Every hotel was completely booked up and the streets were always busy. People were walking around sightseeing, taking pictures, and enjoying life. They drive such tiny cars in France because of the scarcity of parking and they literally push cars to move them so they can have space to park. It’s crazy! Other than that, they have all underground parking that was built right under the original architecture from decades and centuries ago.

Anyways, I was itching to go see the art and culture in Paris and I didn’t waste any time. The first night I was there, we went out to eat and have drinks, then on the way back to my hotel, I saw the Eiffel Tower! Under the moonlight, the Eiffel Tower was dazzling like stars! It was truly breath-taking. I jumped out of the car and took lots of pictures (above featured picture). The next few days I went sight-seeing on and near Champs Elysses from the top, where the Arc de Triomphe is located. Over the course of my trip, I went to several museums. On April 27th, I went to the Musee du Lourve (Museum) to finally see the Mona Lisa by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. The Mona Lisa is arguably the most famous oil painting in the world and I was amazed to see it. It was crowded with tons of tourists snapping pictures and it was under security by ropes and guards. I also toured  Musee du l’Armee (the army museum), toured Musee Jacquemart Andre, attended Le Lido the musical (on Champs Elysses- Champagne and Dinner VIP seating), and attended the burlesque show “Feu” at Crazy Horse (sponsored by Christian Louboutin- Champagne VIP seating). I went to the cinema and saw Avengers, Margin Call, Lockout, and American Pie Reunion. I went to VIP Room a few times and enjoyed Cristal on the stage seating. VIP reminded me of a smaller version of LIV nightclub in the Fountainebleau in Miami. VIP is also the most popular celeb sighting party spots in all of Paris. They even have a VIP wall. I went to other spots to party and have a good time as well. During the days I didn’t go art or culture seeing, I’d watch various black and white movies as well as shop. I went shopping a lot in the Gallery LaFayette and on Champs Elysses. My all time favorite dinner spot was Albarino Passy on Rue de Passy. It was always chill and they played American hip hop like Drake uncut.

Overall, I have really experienced some great adventures and I just feel blessed to be able to share such experiences from this year. No one knew my New Year’s resolution but it was to travel the world a little bit. Things have shifted into place in my life to make that happen. For that, I am truly grateful.

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