Arise Fashion Week 2012

Lagos, Nigeria held Arise Fashion Week 2012 during March 5-11th at Federal Palace Resort and Casino. I had the opportunity to go and experience 72 designers from 6 continents come together and produce an amazing all day,week long fashion show. My favorites were Tiffany Amber, Mataano, PPQ, Ozwald Boeteng, Vonne Couture, Gavin Rajah, and Tsemaye Binitie. I did a lot of shopping while there, including two Tiffany Amber dresses and some Louis Vuitton. During the evenings, I would go to the Lagos Polo Club and watch polo tournaments and sip champagne. They even had some funny comedy shows there. I went to the HOTTEST clubs (Movida was my ultimate fav) and met a lot of cool people. One day, we went yachting and I even drove a bit. Lol. Everything was so nice. There was a chef on the yacht with unlimited bottles of champagne and drinks, as well as the Movida resident DJ. Shoutout to Obilor Alvan (DJ). I also went to the Bobby Brown concert on March 9th. Here are some fab pics from my trip to Lagos!





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