Change, to transform or convert, is a process. In many instances people are afraid to change because they parallel ideas of change with the meaning of the word conform. Conforming, in my opinion, is taking the easy way out. Conforming is cowardly. Speak up. Be you. Be different. Let people stare and let them be confused because they do not see your path. Conforming is not having a voice and being okay with it. Conforming is like being a blank canvas that is screaming for someone who has a story to paint all over it, accepting that you are just going to be whatever someone else wants you to be. Change, when in process of positivity and growth is metamorphosis. It’s okay for people to not understand your purpose, however, when you are changing and they are hindering the process due to doubt, greed, jealousy or envy, let them go. Let yourself free. Let them be. People make daily decisions in life for themselves. Why let them block your flow, your flourish. Let your wings open and fly. Experience the process of metamorphosis. When you pace your steps on ground looking to the sky dreaming of the clouds, praying for the feeling of flying. Fly when God grants you that gift. Develop your gift, absorb your experience and keep flying. Don’t worry about walking on the pavement with the caterpillars when you are able to sour like a beautiful butterfly.

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  1. Quintin says:

    I truly knew about many of this, but with that said, I still believed it had been beneficial. Good work!

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