Functions And Applications Of Data Logger

Functions And Applications Of Data Logger

Data Logger, which is also known as a Data Recorder, is an electrical device that performs the task of recording data over a time period. It can even record data from sensors or instruments which are externally located. Data logger consists of inbuilt sensors that have the capacity to read data from external sensors. It works on microprocessor and battery charger, the size of this device is small. You can attach this device with a computer and retrieve data. The device can also act as a standalone instrument, as it can work with its own keyboard and display screen.

Data logger basically captures as well as stores data, this device has got data capturing elements like plug-in-board. It also has a special inbuilt device which is the data acquisition device that is like a serial communication system which works from the main computer. It is the main computer which performs the function of data recording system in real time.

Now let us check out some of the basic functions of data loggers. They have a multi functional ability. Let it be any sort of electrical signals, it has got the capacity to read all of these signals in a very minimum time frame.
Once the data recorder reads all types of electrical signal, it stores them straight in the internal memory. And once the internal memory captures this data, you can easily download this information straight to your computer. But this does not mean that loggers always need the help of a computer, as it can work without a computer too.

Nowadays people use data recorders for a variety of reasons. Now let us take a sneak peek at some of the basic applications of data recorders. They are used in the weather station in order to record data like … Read the rest




Internet and technology are a blessing for us in this modern world but if not used correctly, with precautions, they can prove to be extremely harmful to us and to our identity. IP address or Internet Protocol address is a unique address which gives our device an identity in the wide world of internet. All the data and information flowing to or from your device occurs through this Internet Protocol Address. Although many people are not aware of this, the hacking of your IP address not only attacks your device but the hacker also uses your IP address in various cybercrimes. Therefore, it is recommended to protect your IP address from hackers by following ways:


Virtual private network is one of the most convenient, reliable and secure ways to protect your IP address from hackers and connect to the internet world easily. VPN hides and disguises your IP address and gives you a new, virtual IP address through which external traffic reaches your device. It converts your original data into a code which cannot be accessed by any cybercriminal or hacker. Since your original identity is hidden, therefore the hacker cannot reach your real IP address. There are many VPN software but the best amongst all is NordVPN. According to some NordVPN reviews, this is the most secure and reliable software and is highly affordable. It has more than 1500 IP addresses, therefore, you can easily choose your virtual IP address here.


Most of the hackers use different instant messaging or calling apps like Messenger or Skype to reach your IP address. Since its better to be safe than sorry that’s why change your privacy settings and avoid receiving calls from an unknown person. The hacker can immediately track your location … Read the rest

How to Setup and Manage Multiple Websites with Reseller and Shared Hosting Services?

How to Setup and Manage Multiple Websites with Reseller and Shared Hosting Services?

Every business required an online presence these days and to have that one needs to create a website and take a suitable hosting plan. Before dive into deep firstly it is very important to clarify that what exactly web hosting is. Web hosting refers to a term where your website is hosted on a particular internet server so that it can be viewed by people worldwide.

If you are a newbie to this field, you will be probably confused not only by the quite technical terminology used on the internet and web hosting world but also by many different possibilities, opinions and offers that you will get online. In this article, you will get to know how easy it is to set up and manage more than one website on the server, either for you are running a personal blog or a business website.

Now let’s discuss how to set up and manage multiple websites on the re-seller or so-called shared web hosting server:

Despite the difference in the names, in both hosting’s you will share your resources amongst your websites. The main contrast is that in case of re-seller account you can re-sell hosting, which you can start as a business and can make a huge amount of money out of it.

From a technical prospect, in shared hosting, all your websites will be accessed through a single FTP file and managed from a single control panel. This is not good if you want to resell hosting to different individuals, but also if you like to keep things separate, or if you plan to sell one or more of your hosted websites further in the future. In this case, choose a re-seller account. All your websites will still share the same IP, the same resources (disk space, bandwidth, etc.), … Read the rest

Digital Pink Zone

Digital Pink Zone

Computer and Technology,Computer,Gadget,Internet and Digital Media,Tech World,Tech NewsComputer Science Technology is a 3-12 months program that prepares college students to work as entry-level software developers in small, medium or massive enterprises. Metode pembayaran yang berlaku adalah pembayaran on-line, switch bank, dan cicilan 0% kartu kredit. Multimedia may be recorded and performed, displayed, interacted with or accessed by data content material processing units, akin to computerized and digital units, however may also be a part of a stay performance. Smaller companies that do not have data know-how (IT) departments will contract companies from IT consulting corporations and improve the demand for computer support specialists in these companies.

Video advertising menjadi media promosi paling ampuh karena dapat memuat lebih banyak informasi namun dengan cara yang menarik dan mudah diingat. I get the impression that the case might need been made however folks still do not quote-unquote ‘trust’ the know-how and suppose they will always be capable to drive higher than a machine,” he says.

Small businesses within the U.S. are transferring further of their worth range to digital , including cell, social, video and search. Information systems computer technology and IT online degree packages provide the technical training you should benefit from the favorable job market in computer systems administration and computer programming. Pair up a Samsung device and you need to use your cellphone as a viewfinder.

Computer software consists of computer packages , libraries and associated non-executable knowledge , comparable to on-line documentation or digital media It is often divided into system software and utility software program Computer hardware and software program require one another and neither will be realistically used on its own. Since Gadgets reside within the MediaWiki namespace (the checklist defining the gadgets as well as the precise code snippets), only sysops (interface admins from 1.32) can edit the code.

A computer network architect … Read the rest